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Through the Agricultural Climate Solutions, the NL Living Lab (NL-LL) focuses on co-developing innovative climate solutions to sequester soil carbon sequestration and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.
Beneficial management practices proposed for the NL-LL were identified following the innovative living labs approach which emphasizes co-development and focuses on farmers’ needs.

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 NL-LL started in 2022 and will continue until March 2027 as part of the the Agricultural Climate Solutions Program by Agriculture and Agri-food Canada.


NL Living Lab

Rodney Reid


Project Lead and Knowledge Technology Transfer

The NL-LL project is farmer centric and as a farmer myself, I am responsible for knowledge transfer throughout the project for farmers and the project lead between partners. Working together with our project partners, the knowledge learned from the research, will provide content that supports farmers to adapt beneficial climate change initiatives to sequester carbon and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Kimberley Thompson


Living Lab


With an extensive background in developing and maintaining partnerships combined with a passion for sustainability growing the agriculture industry in my home province, I bring experience in engagement while providing support and coordination for the NL Living Lab program. I am excited about the project initiatives and working together with farmers and project partners.

Crystal McCall

I am an environmental biologist with focus on soil microbiology and nutrient management. As a co-lead and collaborator on the NL-LL Initiative, I work with colleagues from AAFC, NLFA and MUN  on various projects within the NL project suite concentrating on cover crops and nitrogen sources dynamics to enhance carbon sequestration, nitrogen use efficiency and sustainability. 

Linda Jewell

I am a scientist studying plant diseases in cool climates. As AAFC co-lead, I am responsible for coordinating the AAFC research and working with our colleagues from the NLFA, MUN, and the GovNL (DFFA) to plan and conduct research and to maintain communication and mutual knowledge-sharing with growers. I am also leading some parts of the research.

Yeukai Katanda

MUN - Grenfell Campus

Research Coordinator and Researcher

I am a soil scientist with expertise in assessment of soil health and applications of organic amendments, cover crops, and novel nutrient sources. As the NL-LL research coordinator with MUN, I am primarily responsible for day-to-day management to streamline and facilitate integration of research activities. I work closely with researchers and the Project Manager to ensure seamless project execution, e.g., student supervision, budget management, and knowledge transfer. 


Agricultural Climate Solutions (ACS)

Agricultural Climate Solutions – Living Labs, is a $185 million, 10-year program that will establish a strong, Canada-wide network of living labs. Through these living labs, regional leaders will bring together farmers, scientists, and other sector partners to co-develop, test and monitor beneficial management practices on working farms to reduce Canada's environmental footprint and enhance climate resiliency. 

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